Luxury Mercedes Benz limousines for rent

We provide rental services of luxury Mercedes Benz limousines. To provide higher privacy, the cars are equipped with slightly dark tinted windows…

Price list of cars for rent:

Our customers are:

  • people who like to travel in comfort,
  • famous persons,
  • sports, movie and music stars,
  • top companies,
  • people celebrating anniversaries and wedding guests.

Luxury car is always rented with a driver.

  • The driver has perfect knowledge of Prague and most large towns.
  • Further, he can recommend you interesting places and sights.
  • Drinks on board are commonplace.

At present, we can offer you the following cars for rent

To transport more people, we use the following cars:

Since we wish to provide services on the highest level, the majority of cars for rent being Mercedes Benz.

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